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Volcano Dynamics Research Training Network

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Investigador Responsável/IVAR


Funded by the European Commission through the current specific research and training programme "Improving Human Research Potential and the Socio-economic Knowledge Base" implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme. The full title of the Network is Volcano Dynamics in Relation to Monitoring, Hazards Mitigation and Volcano Crisis Response. The Training Network consists of a combination of academic research laboratories and volcano observatories.
The main objectives of the network are to advance understanding of the fundamental dynamics of volcanic activity and to train a new generation of European volcanologists in applications of fundamental science to volcano monitoring, assessment of volcanic hazards and risk, and the provision of high quality scientific work during volcanic crisis.The key activity in the Network is research carried out by the young scientists who are either predoctoral (already engaged in a PhD) or in the early stages of their postdoctoral career. The research is carried out at one of the five participating laboratories under the supervision of one of the members of staff and must be within the broad theme of the Network Research theme of Volcano Dynamics.
A key component to the Network is the opportunity to work in a Volcano Observatory. Each young scientist is allocated to one of the Observatories and will be involved in the Observatory work. The tasks depend on the interests of the young scientist and requirements of the Observatory. The choice of candidates to young scientist is made by the Steering Committee of the Network that is composed by representatives of each member. The primary criterion for selection is the calibre of the applicant in terms of scientific background, evidence of flair in research and motivation.
Four workshops will be held at four different Observatory locations during the lifetime of the Network. They consist of several components:  a research theme with lectures by experts (largely drawn from the Network staff); field excursions; posters presentations by the young scientists; a short course on a monitoring technique; a short course on methods of quantitative hazards assessment and risk analysis.

Outros Investigadores

R.S.J. Sparks, A.M. Lejeune, H. Mader (UBRL); G. Boudon, B. Villemant, C.Jaupart (IPGP); S. Self, S.Blake (OU); D. Dingwell, O. Spieller (LMU); G. Macedonio, G. Orsi (OV); P. Dunkley (MVO).​

Outras Instituições

​Bristol University

Ficha de Projeto

Volcano Dynamics Research Training Network
Entidade financiadora: UE
Contrato nº: HPRN-CT-2000-00060
Programa: FP5 - Marie Curie Actions - Environment (ENV)
Sub-programa: "Improving Human Research Potential and the Socio-economic Knowledge base"
Responsável: R.S.J. Sparks (Bristol Univ. UK) / Gabriela Queiroz
Duração: 2000 - 2004
Total: 46.000,00€
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