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Digital Communications for the Seismic Monitoring of the Azores Islands


DCSMON will establish the grounds for the introduction of digital communications and processing technologies in the CVARG seismic monitoring network. The DCSMON project will produce a radio coverage study for each CVARG station in the Azores islands assuming digital UHF and WiFi-based communications. The studies will be based on theoretical planning, complemented with field surveys and will include the test of transmission equipment based on radio modems and WiFi. The combination of these studies will allow, for the first time, the establishment of a general radio coverage plan for seismic monitoring. This plan will support the decision making process on the deployment of new permanent stations and, perhaps more importantly, the deployment of temporary stations in crisis situations. It will also include implementation procedures and techniques that may be followed by technicians when deploying new stations anywhere in the Azores islands. The introduction of digital radio communications technologies by itself is insufficient for the completion of the DCSMON objectives. A corresponding digital data processing system is indispensable. Specifically, DCSMON will deploy and test the usage of a SeisComP communications system in the CVARG network. The usage of this system has been proven in several networks around the world and is distinguished by its flexibility and adaptability to multiple situations and environments. DCSMON aims at the deployment of one SeisComP station and a data center to collect and process the acquired seismic data. The station will include appropriate digitizers and GPS systems. Centralized processing of the acquired seismic data will allow the automated processing as well as web publishing.

Ficha de Projeto

Bolsa Pós-Doutoramento FRCT
DCSMon - Digital Communications for the Seismic Monitoring of the Azores Islands
Bolseiro: Ruben Luís
Entidade financiadora: FRCT
Contrato nº:  M2.1.2/F/013/2008
Progama: Post-doc R&D Projects - 2008
Sub-programa: Apoio a projectos de investigação científica coordenados por bolseiros de pós-doutoramento da DRCT/FRCT
Duração: 2008 - 2011
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