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Referência Bibliográfica

ALFAMA, V., VICTÓRIA, S., RODRIGUES, J. (2010) - Volcanic Hazards vs. Land Use Planning in Chã das Caldeiras (Fogo Island - Cape Verde). MAKAVOLK 2010. Cabo Verde, 4 a 9 de Dezembro de 2010 (Comunicação Oral).


The Planning should establish beyond the identification of areas and protection, or critical areas prone to instability of the geodynamic processes, areas of geological interest and exploration of geological resources.


With increasing human occupation and planning of new urban areas, the implementation of major infrastructure, should require a legal and administrative effort in which the physical and geological space emerges as key component in defining the strategic planning space.


Chã das Caldeiras is an area of high volcanic risk and acute vulnerability. According to the previous volcanic eruptions, this area has the following elements of volcanic risk: the reopening of eruptive vents, tephra fall, lava flows, toxic gases, seismicity and mass movements on slopes (rockfalls, debris flow etc.). The soil and climate conditions make the Chã das Caldeiras one of the most attractive and important areas of Fogo island, from agriculture, cattle breading, and lately tourism. These conditions have led to a considerable population growth in recent years.


Awareness should be built on the high volcanic risk and vulnerability, given the recurrence of historical eruptions in this part of the island. It is necessary to review land use planning and implementation of preventive measures, especially in areas of greater susceptibility of being affected by the different volcanic risk elements. This will increase capacity to prevent instability process as well as sustainability of natural resources to better fit the Environmental Plans, Municipal Plans and Emergency Plans (Civil Protection).