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PEREIRA, S.M., REGO, I.E. (2021) - The effect of demographic variables on the intentions to evacuate due to a volcanic eruption. In: Matos, A.R., Leite, A.R. (Eds.) Citizens' commitment in risk governance - from inaction to co-decision, Proceedings of the Second Annual Meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis Europe - Iberian Chapter, Coimbra, Portugal (5-6 de setembro), CESContexto Debates, 30: 79-85, ISSN 2182-908X.


​In the case of a volcanic eruption, evacuation is often adopted as a measure to safeguard life. An effective evacuation requires adequate timing and the compliance of the population. Therefore, understanding the intentions towards an evacuation and the variables influencing these intentions are important topics to explore, because of their possible implications for the success of an evacuation. The literature about the effect of demographic variables gender, age, and education on evacuation behaviours and intentions has mixed results. The study of these relationships in the context of a volcanic eruption is under-researched. Thus, the goal of this study is to verify the influence of gender, age, and education on the evacuation intentions of a convenience sample of 443 residents of Vila Franca do Campo (São Miguel, Azores) for the case of a volcanic eruption, following a survey methodology. A Binominal Logistic Regression was conducted to verify the effect of gender, age, and education on evacuation intentions. The results indicated that the predictive power of the model was not affected by these variables, thus finding no effect (Overall statistics score = 17.401, df = 10, p = .066). Other variables associated with situational or personal factors may explain the differences between evacuation intentions. These results point to important tendencies concerning evacuation intentions and the need to explore the effect of other variables on the evacuation intentions in the case of volcanic eruptions.