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Referência Bibliográfica

​REGO, I.E., PEREIRA, S.M., MORRO, J., PACHECO, M.P. (2018) - Perceptions of seismic and volcanic risk and preparedness at São Miguel Island (Azores, Portugal). International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 31, 498-503.


​Hazard preparedness is vital when living in a risk area, as it helps to increase people's security by improving their capacity to overcome a disrupted scenario. Studies in the Azores have shown a lack of precautionary behavior, similar to findings in other risk areas. As part of a wider research project, this study aimed to assess seismic and volcanic risk perception of the participants, to know the current family protective practices and to examine the content of household emergency plans [HEPs]. Using a mixed methods approach, two semi-structured interviews were conducted with nineteen participants who represented their families. Participants with no current preparedness measures or with few preparedness measures were invited to construct a HEP. The content of the plans was analyzed. Results point to moderate seismic and volcanic risk perception, moderate seismic risk salience and low volcanic risk salience, lack of hazard knowledge and experience, and low preparedness levels. Good knowledge of the authorities’ work to prepare and deal with a natural event and attributions of responsibility to experts were also noted. The content of the household emergency plans constructed was incomplete compared to authorities’ instructions. In general, a lack of engagement in preparedness was found, despite moderate risk perception.