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VIVEIROS, F., CARDELLINI, C., FERREIRA, T. e SILVA, C. (2012) - Contribution of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere by diffuse degassing from volcanoes: The Furnas Volcano case study. International Journal of Global Warming, 4, Nos. 3/4, 287-304. (Volume disponível em


​Furnas Volcano is a dormant central volcano located in the eastern part of São Miguel Island (Azores archipelago, Portugal). The last volcanic eruption in this volcanic system took place in 1630 causing about 200 victims. Present-day activity comprises fumarolic fields, thermal and cold CO2-rich springs and soil diffuse degassing areas. CO2 diffusely released from the volcano soils was estimated at ~ 0.4 Mt y-1. Only about 14% of this emission has a biogenic origin, the highest amount of the CO2 emitted being mantle derived. Hydrothermal CO2 released from Furnas Volcano is in the same order of magnitude as emissions from other volcanic-geothermal areas of the world. This work highlights the need to account for the natural CO2 emitted from quiescent volcanoes to refine the global carbon budget modelling.