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Referência Bibliográfica

CARMO, R., MADEIRA, J., HIPÓLITO, A., FERREIRA, T. (2011) – Paleoseismological evidence for historical surface rupture events in S. Miguel Island (Azores). 2nd INQUA-IGCP 567 International Workshop on Active Tectonics, Earthquake Geology, Archaeology and Engineering, Corinth, Greece 19-24 Setembro (Comunicação oral).   


​The Azores archipelago is located in the triple junction between the Eurasian, Nubian and North American lithospheric plates. The Achada das Furnas plateau, located in the central part of S. Miguel Island, between Fogo and Furnas volcanoes, is dominated by several basaltic cinder cones that define several WNW-ESE and E-W alignments. Two E-W trending scarps were identified by aerial photo analysis. Trenches were open across the scarps to confirm their tectonic nature exposing two active normal faults (the Altiprado Faults). At least four paleoearthquakes were deduced, three of which in historical times. Radiocarbon ages are in agreement with this interpretation.