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Instituto de Investigação
em Vulcanologia e Avaliação de Riscos
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IVAR Academy - Research Institute for Volcanology and Risk Assessment Academy

The Azores archipelago is exposed to important seismic and volcanic activity, as well as to the high recurrence of extreme meteorological phenomena, that are associated with some of the major landslide and flood events, responsible for some of the major catastrophes on the region. These factors make the Azores a natural laboratory of excellence for the development of studies in the field of Earth and Space Sciences. 


Benefiting from the potential offered by its setting, the Research Institute for Volcanology and Risk Assessment (IVAR) dedicates special attention to geological hazards and to the prevention and mitigation of risks. In collaboration with civil protection and governmental authorities, it has developed work in the field of seismo-volcanic surveillance, emergency planning and land-use planning.


With the objective of promoting a Knowledge Society, the IVAR offers a set of internships and summer courses in the IVAR Academy, oriented to the development of competences in thematic areas related to the assessment, monitoring and mitigation of risks: