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Referência Bibliográfica

WALLENSTEIN, N., CAMPUS, P. (2017) - IS42 station: infrasound “sentinel” on the North Atlantic. Fourth ARISE2 Workshop Science Meeting / GRIF-RUN 2017 - Geophysical Research Infrastructures Forum, La Reunion Island (France), 2-6 October 2017.​


​The station IS42 is an 8-element infrasound array, located in Graciosa Island (Azores archipelago, Portugal), in the middle of the North Atlantic. It belongs to the CTBT International Monitoring System (IMS) and was certified on December 2010. Since then it acquired a wide variety of infrasound signals.
Progressing in the collaborative research between the University of the Azores (through IVAR) and the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Florence (UniFI), in the framework of the ARISE2 project, we performed a revision of the main infrasonic detections of the station since its certification.
We present some highlights of the recorded infrasonic activity related to remote volcanic eruptions, large oceanic storms and man-made activities. We also analyse the station performance in different operational periods.