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Referência Bibliográfica

REBELO, F., WALLENSTEIN, N. (2007) - Seismic risk mitigation through education: An intervention proposal in the educational curricula of the Azores Islands, Portugal (Com. oral). European Geosciences Union 4th General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 15 - 20 de Abril (Comunicação Oral).


Earthquakes are the type of natural disasters with more casualties worldwide. They have also a tremendous impact at economies both at regional and national levels, which have been the case in the Azores Islands on the last five centuries of its history. Without possible prediction the response must reside on the mitigation of its risk. It should be an obligation to each country, region or community of seismic active zone to promote all the efforts to reduce the associated risks. This should be based on the adoption of a proactive action, by preparing, planning and acting. Risk is dependent also on the communities’ vulnerabilities and the later is related with their preparedness and response capability.


Besides the need of an increasing level of understanding by the scientific community, one of the main factors to mitigate seismic risk is related with creation and promotion of a collective conscience trough education. This should be developed at the children levels as one way to reach the entire uneducated communities trough their familiar links, driving them to act with determination and serenity in case of a natural disaster.


In this context and with the conscience that a stronger link between the scholar and scientific agents, we present an intervention proposal in the curricula programs of seismology of the 7th and 10th grade students of the Azores Islands. This proposal was based on enquires to the teachers from all the schools of the archipelago and involved the preparation of didactic materials, such as Multimedia presentations, physical models and a seismograph all supported by guides to the teachers.