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Referência Bibliográfica

CRUZ, J.V., AMARAL, C. (2004) – Major ion chemistry of groundwaters from perched-water bodies at Azores (Portugal) volcanic archipelago. Applied Geochemistry 19: 445-459.


​A dataset of major ion composition of 246 samples from cold-water springs discharging from perched-water bodies at volcanic islands (Azores archipelago, Portugal) reveal waters with low mineralization, which evolve due to two main geochemical processes: (1) seawater spraying and (2) dissolution of primary minerals of volcanic rocks. As a result, water facies range from Na–Cl to Na–HCO3 type waters. The relationship between alkali, alkali–earth metals and HCO3 shows differences between waters discharging from perched-water bodies in basaltic rocks comparing to more evolved rocks of trachytic nature. The use of principal component analysis shows that water-rock interaction is limited, which is compatible with the geochemical observations and with the hydrogeological environment.