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Referência Bibliográfica

PACHECO, J.M., ALMEIDA, M.H., PIMENTEL, A., CRUZ, M.I. (2004) - Azores University Volcano Observatory: Volcanomagmatic Monitoring. International Symposium on “Reducing Volcanic Risk in Islands”, Tenerife, Canárias, Espanha, 2 - 6 de Junho (Poster).​


The main goals of the Volcanomagmatic Monitoring Group are the study of magmatic processes and the characterization of eruptive styles and mechanisms. Such knowledge is a major contribution to the development of protocols for volcanic risk assessment.


In the last years several detailed volcano-stratigraphic surveys were made in the Azores, including geological mapping, petrological studies and grainsize, morphometrical and component analysis of deposits formed during different eruptive phases. The resulting characterization of eruptive types, together with the determination of its frequency and magnitude, are used to identify the critical parameters and values needed to model volcanic eruptions and to build up possible eruptive scenarios. Data obtained during volcanic eruptions can be used to adjust such scenarios in real time, providing crucial information for crisis management.