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Referência Bibliográfica

GASPAR, J.L., GOULART, C., QUEIROZ, G., SILVEIRA, D., GOMES, A. (2004) - Dynamic structure and data sets of a GIS database for geological risk analysis in the Azores volcanic islands. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 4, p. 233-242.


Geological hazards in the Azores archipelago include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, degassing phenomena and landslides, being the cause of thousands of deaths and severe damage and loss. To reduce the impact of future events it is necessary to improve the emergency response and reinforce land-use planning, and this has given rise to the development of AZORIS, a GIS database for risk analysis in the Azores. At present this computer-based system comprises nine main dynamic data sets where elemental, monitoring and historical data are grouped in layers of first and second order. The logical structure of the database was conceived in order to facilitate interactivity between data sets and to guarantee the evolution of the system, as determined by the input and the generation of new and more detailed information.


Archive organization was designed taking into account regional and local aspects of geological hazard. In order to ensure consistency of the database and the quality of the data within it, an internal process of validation was included.