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Referência Bibliográfica

MIRANDA, M., LUIS, J.F., SILVA, P., LOURENÇO, N., GASPAR, J.L., QUEIROZ, G. (2000) - Characterisation of the Terceira (Azores) submarine volcanic activity from geophysical data. “2ª Assembleia Luso-Espanhola de Geodesia e Geofísica”, Algarve, Lagos, 8 - 12 de Fevereiro (Comunicação Oral).


Sea surface manifestations of a submarine eruption near Terceira Island where observed by some fisherman on Dec. 18, 1998, and local Azorean seismic network registered micro-seismic activity which started shortly before the sea surface observations. In order to quickly study this eruption a cruise mission was carried out in April 1999 on board of a small fishing boat. This mission was successful in collecting lava samples which where subjected to magnetic analysis. However, the changes in bottom morphology could not be clearly resolved because the depth echo-soundings gave completely false readings over the active area. We present here the tectonic framework in which this volcanic eruption is developing as well as the results of the magnetic analysis.