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Referência Bibliográfica

SILVEIRA, G., MATIAS, L., LEE, S., STUTZMANN, E., JAMES, D., BURKETT, P., MIRANDA, M., MENDES VICTOR, L., GASPAR, J.L., SENOS, M.L., SOLOMON, S., MONTAGNER, J.P., GIARDINI, D. (2002) - COSEA - Coordinated seismic experiment in the Azores. “II Momar Workshop”. Faial, Horta, 15 - 17 de Junho (Poster).


The Memorandum of Understanding COSEA is devoted to coordinate the efforts of Portuguese, French, American and Swiss scientific institutions for the deployment, operation and maintenance of a temporary broadband seismic experiment in the Azores Islands and for the collection, distribution and scientific exploitation of data.
In collaboration with other running projects, this experiment has three goals: (1) study of the Azores plume : its structure, its origin at depth and  its  interaction with the Mid-Atlantic Ridge; (2) investigation of the structure and deep interactions of the plate boundaries between Eurasia, Africa and North America; (3)  at a local scale, monitoring of seismic and volcanic activity for a better determination of hazard by  combining broadband data with existing volcano and earthquake surveillance networks.