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Referência Bibliográfica

COUTINHO, R., PACHECO, J., WALLENSTEIN, N., PIMENTEL, A. E MARQUES, R. (2008) - Coastal Geology of the Azores Islands. Natural Hazards Assessment Diagnosis. Littoral - A changing Coast: Challenge for the Environmental Policies. 9th International Conference, November 25-28. Venice, Italy (Comunicação Oral).​


The Azores archipelago I is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, where its nine volcanic islands and few islets lay in a complex geodynamic setting, dominated by the confluence of the North American, Eurasian and African lithospheric plates, and characterized by intense seismic and volcanic activity.
In this work we studied the coastal geology from four islands: Santa Maria, Graciosa, Flores and Corvo, which coastlines range from about 20 km to 180 km long and present a variety of littoral types reflecting different lithologies and morphologies.
In the insular context, the coastline represents an important strategic factor towards cohesion and socioeconomic development, reason why the application of the land use management tools in these areas is of paramount importance. Considering the Azores setting, the natural hazards assessment is a fundamental aspect for the characterization and diagnosis of the state of reference for each island, aiming the required interventions for risk mitigation, sustainable valorisation and land-use planning.
The proposed analysis envisages two main domains: geological characterization and hazard assessment. In what concerns the geological characterization, special attention was given to geomorphology, volcanic features, main tectonic structures, lithology, hydrology and coastal stability and erosion evaluation. Volcanic, seismic, landslide and tsunami hazards assessment was performed to be used as a basic tool for defining the restrictions plan, to be applied in any future land-use management proposal.