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Referência Bibliográfica

MORELL, I., PULIDO-BOSCH, A., DANIELE, L., CRUZ, J.V. (2008) – Chemical and isotopic assessment in volcanic thermal waters. Cases of Ischia (Italy) and São Miguel (Azores, Portugal). Hydrological Processes, 22: 4386-4399.


​Isotopic fractionation of 10B/11B provides a sound tool for identifying hydrogeochemical processes in complex areas, owing to its ability to discriminate between various scenarios. In addition, the occurrence of boron as a minor element in areas of active volcanism allows its use in comparison with concentrations of other conservative or non-conservative ions. This allows the detection of water mixtures of diverse origin and temperature, deep or shallow, including fresh water, seawater and even brines. This tool was applied in studies of the volcanic islands of Ischia and São Miguel, across widely differing geographical and climatic contexts. Five groups of waters have been identified in Ischia Island: marine, transition, hot carbonated, cold carbonated and fresh waters. For São Miguel Island the identified groups are cold carbonic, hot carbonic, boiling and acidic boiling waters.