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Referência Bibliográfica

AMARAL, A.F., CRUZ, J.V., CUNHA, R.T., RODRIGUES, A.S. (2006) - Baseline levels of metals in volcanic soils of the Azores (Portugal). Soil & Sediment Contamination, 15: 123-130.


​Data on metal concentrations present in the soils of the Azores (Portugal) are scarce. The goal of this study was to measure the current levels of several metals in the top horizon of soils of two areas, distinguishable by their volcanic activity and physical characteristics, in order to establish some baseline concentrations of these elements. Soil samples were taken in similar ways from five sites in a volcanically active area and another five sites in an area without volcanic activity. Particle-size fractions, % organic matter, moisture content, pH, and major and trace elements compositions were measured. In general, the concentrations of trace metals in the soils from Santa Maria (inactive volcanism) were higher than those from Furnas (active volcanism), with the exception of Zn. The soils from Furnas, which have slightly lower pH and less % clay-silt than Santa Maria, will probably make such trace metals as Zn become more readily bioaccessible, and therefore pose a larger threat to living organisms inhabiting these soils.