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CRUZ, J.V., PACHECO, D., CYMBRON, R., MENDES, S. (2007) – Monitoring of the groundwater chemical status in the Azores archipelago (Portugal) in the context of the EU Water-framework Directive. In: Ribeiro, L., Chambel, A. e Condesso de Melo, M.T. (Eds.), Proceedings (in CD-ROM) of the XXXV IAH Congress “Groundwater and ecosystems”, Lisbon, 9 pp.


In order to fulfil obligations regarding the chemical state of groundwater, imposed by the EU Water-framework Directive and by the Azores Water Plan, a monitoring network was planned in the archipelago of Azores (Portugal). The network is composed by 72 springs and 32 drilled wells and in the present paper results from the islands of Santa Maria, São Miguel, Pico and Flores are presented. Spring waters are of low mineralization and mainly from the HCO3-Na to the Cl-Na type waters. In drilled wells mineralization his higher and the dominant water type is the Cl-Na. The most common cause of unconformities related to standard values are the total and faecal coliform, which suggest the influence of animal wastes from pasture lands and waste water rejection. Results from hydrocarbons, pesticides, heavy metals and metalloids are generally under the detection limits from the analytical methods.