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Referência Bibliográfica

VIVEIROS, F., SILVA, C., MORENO, L., PACHECO, J.E., FERREIRA, T. (2020) - Secondary manifestations of volcanism – an open window to understand geothermal resources in the Azores archipelago. Comunicações Geológicas, 107, Especial I, 89-91, ISSN: 0873-948X; e-ISSN: 1647-581X.​


​Gas geochemistry techniques applied to fumaroles and soil diffuse degassing areas constitute fundamental tools to understand deep geothermal reservoirs thermodynamic conditions and may provide valuable information both during the exploratory and production phases. Geothermometry applied to fumaroles located at Fogo (São Miguel Island) and Pico Alto (Terceira Island) volcanoes showed maximum feeding temperatures around 256 and 263 ºC, respectively, for each area, which are in general in agreement with the direct temperature measurements performed in the geothermal wells. Soil CO2 flux degassing maps performed at Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande (Fogo) and Furnas do Enxofre (Pico Alto) fumarolic fields allowed to estimate the CO2 naturally emitted to the atmosphe as well as the thermal energy released from both degassing areas.