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Referência Bibliográfica

PACHECO, J.E., VIVEIROS, F., SILVA, C., FERREIRA, T. (2020) - Seasonal variation in soil CO2 flux continuous monitoring at Furnas Volcano (São Miguel Island, Azores). Comunicações Geológicas, 107, Especial I, 25-27, ISSN: 0873-948X; e-ISSN: 1647-581X​.​​​


​Several studies have shown that environmental variables (e.g.,​ meteorological) can highly affect gas emissions through soils, and some of them even identified seasonal variations in volcanic soil CO2 diffuse degassing areas. This study was performed at Furnas Volcano, one of the three centrals volcanoes located on São Miguel Island (Azores archipelago), not only to evaluate the existence of seasonal variations in the soil CO2 flux, but also to complement previous soil CO2 diffuse degassing works carried out in the area. The time series obtained between October 2011 and March 2015, at GFUR2 permanent station, was studied. Soil CO2 fluxes at this site are measured using the accumulation chamber method. Data acquired at GFUR2 station suggest the existence of seasonal variations, with higher soil CO2 fluxes values recorded during winter period when compared with summer period, confirming the behaviour previously observed.