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REGO, I.E., PEREIRA, S.M. (2021) - Volcanic risk perception of farmers and non-farmers in the Azores. In: Matos, A.R., Leite, A.R. (Eds.) Citizens' commitment in risk governance - from inaction to co-decisionProceedings of the Second Annual Meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis Europe - Iberian Chapter, Coimbra, Portugal (5-6 de setembro), CESContexto Debates, 30: 48-56, ISSN 2182-908X.


​Disasters are multidimensional events that affect populated areas. The study of risk perception aids the understanding of human behavior in disasters and provides vital clues for volcanic disaster management. Risk perception was associated with the quality of risk communication, preparedness, and evacuation behaviors. About the last, farmers seem reluctant to evacuate. We hypothesize that volcanic risk perception differences may be present. This study aims to describe the volcanic risk perception of farmers and non-farmers and verify differences between the two groups in a location exposed to volcanic risk (Azores, Portugal) where the farming sector is predominant. A survey methodology was employed with self-completed questionnaires and application aided by an interviewer to 127 farmers and 442 non-farmers. We found moderately high volcanic risk perceptions. Five Fisher’s exact tests with Bonferroni correction were applied to verify differences in the volcanic risk perception dimensions. No statistically significant differences were found. These results can inform disaster management and enhance the knowledge about the volcanic risk perception of farmers, suggesting that occupation may not influence volcanic risk perception.