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06-08-2007 15:00
Ponta Delgada
Concurso para bolsas de doutoramento - PhD Scholarships

Between August 3rd and September 12th 2007, the Azores Regional Government is receiving applications for PhD scholarships on Earth and Space Sciences (


We hereby announce that the Centro the Vulcanologia e Avaliação de Riscos Geológicos (CVARG) is interested in receiving PhD students to develop research projects in applied Volcanology, Volcano Monitoring, Geological Hazard and Risk Assessment. If you fit to apply please contact the CVARG Director, Doctor Gabriela Queiroz (, in order to discuss your ideas and to prepare a PhD plan to be submmited.










1 – According with the Portuguese Law nº 40/2004, dated August 18th, and with the General Regulation for Scientific Research Scholarships and Management Support of the Science and Technology Regional Fund (Regulamento Geral de Bolsas de Investigação Científica e de Apoio à Gestão do Fundo Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia), available in the Regional Government of the Azores Internet site (, we hereby announce that, between August 3rd and September 7th 2007, applications can be submitted for the attribution of PhD scholarships.


2 – The PhD scholarships derive from the Measure 3.1.2/FRCT – Individual scholarships for scientific and technological research (Medida 3.1.2/FRCT – Bolsas individuais de investigação científica e tecnológica), funded by the Science and Technology Regional Fund in the frame of the Science and Technology Integrated Plan (Plano Integrado para a Ciência e Tecnologia).


3 – This selection procedure aims the attribution of PhD scholarships in all scientific areas.




4 – The PhD scholarships are meant for those who have a Masters or a Graduate degree with a final course average of sixteen or higher.


5 – National and foreign citizens may apply for the selection procedure.


6 - Students that have already received a PhD scholarship are not admitted.




7 – PhD projects should have a strong applied component.


8 - The research activities must be developed within one of the R&D units belonging to the Scientific and Technological Regional System (Sistema Científico e Tecnológico Regional).


9 – At least one of the candidate’s scientific supervisors must belong in the Scientific and Technological Regional System.




10 - The applications should be formalized through electronic submission of the form made available in the Internet site


11 – To access this form, those interested will have to make a pre-registration in the Scientific and Technological Regional System through the Internet site mentioned above.


12 – In the application form, the candidate will have to attach the qualifications’ certificates confirming he/she is fit to access this selection procedure.


13 – Non-withstanding the previous number, the original or an authenticated copy of the qualifications’ certificates will have to be delivered up to the date of the contract signing.


14 – The candidate has until the contract signing to prove that he/she is residing in the Azores.


15 – The application processes that are not completed until the submission deadline will be automatically excluded.


16 - Applications related with projects supported by the the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia are not admitted.




17 – The evaluation criteria will take into account:


a) the candidate’s curriculum vitae, namely the number of publications in international journals with referees;


b) the proposed work plan, namely the clarity of objectives, the suitability of the phases and tasks to be performed, the scheduling of the work and the reasonability of the deliverables;


c) the project’s importance in the scope of the regional and communitarian public policies, namely its framing on what concerns the priorities defined by the Operational Program Pro-employment (Pró-emprego), by the Operational Program Proconvergence (Proconvergência) and by the 7th Framework Program in terms of research, technological development and demonstration for 2007-2013.


d) the value for money of the project in terms of economy, efficience and effectiveness;


e) the procedures defined for the effective technological transference of the obtained results to the potential end-users.


f) the hosting conditions, namely the adaptability of the R&D Unit's objectives to the project’s development.




18 – Any additional information can be solicited to the Science and Technology Regional Fund, through the e.mail


Ponta Delgada, 3 de Agosto de 2007.


Pelo Conselho Administrativo do FRCT


João Luís Gaspar



Centro de Vulcanologia e avaliação de Riscos Geológicos

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